Find articles - from work and home

The NSLHD Libraries have thousands of subscriptions to medical, nursing & allied health journals. All NSLHD staff can access these journals from work and from home.

Get articles from home

Put this setting into Google Scholar on your work and home computer.

  1. Log into the NSLHD Library Catalogue (when at home using your username and password, this should be your stafflink ID unless you have changed it) 
  2. Login in to your CIAP account (To setup a CIAP account, on a hospital computer go to>Register for My CIAP Account)
  3. Go to Google Scholar
  4. Search for the particular journal article
  5. Click on "Article @ NSLHD Libraries" on the right of the page. If this doesn't appear, you can request the article (for NSLHD work related purposes).  

Note: If you are directed to CIAP, you will need your CIAP username and password. Use an NSLHD computer to create a CIAP account.

NSLHD Staff can use our document delivery service. Click on the Request Article links in the databases, or follow the links to our document delivery form.

Request an article

Request an article if you need a particular article that isn’t covered by the NSLHD Library subscriptions (for NSLHD work related purposes).


Search the literature

The librarians are experts at searching the medical literature. Request a literature search for NSLHD work purposes, or contact your hospital library to have a research consultation. 

You may also want to learn to search the literature.

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